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  • Dobbs Dayton Felt Hat

    Dobbs Dayton Felt Hat

    $185.00 $215.00

    The Dayton by Dobbs embodies the classic center dent fedora. Its smaller, trim scale provides a sleek look and low profile without sacrificing distinction. Constructed of a superior rabbit fur felt, this hat will hold its shape and is...

  • Dobbs Jet 707 Felt Hat

    Dobbs Jet 707 Felt Hat

    $185.00 $215.00

    Let’s talk about the elegance and style that defines this exquisite-looking, must-have fashion accessory. The Dobbs Jet 707 Felt Hat is made of high-quality fur which makes it exceptionally comfortable and classy. The bowtie band, feather, and Dobbs...

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    Selentino Galaxy Velour Felt Hat

    Selentino Galaxy Velour Felt Hat

    $215.00 $245.00

    Cover your head in style with the Selentino Galaxy Velour Felt Hat. Velvety soft short-haired fur stands the Galaxy Felt Hat apart. It sports a 2 1/2-inch brim that can be worn up or down, and a beautiful feather adds beauty to its design. Luxurious,...

  • Selentino Sterling Felt Hat

    Selentino Sterling Felt Hat

    $195.00 $225.00

     Add glamour, shine and glitz to your outfit with the fabulously trendy Selentino Sterling Felt Hat. This hat is warm, luxurious, and stylish. Its raw-edge, grosgrain band and 2 1/4-inch brim give the Sterling hat its irresistible allure. And when...

  • Stetson Chatham Felt Hat

    Stetson Chatham Felt Hat

    $185.00 $215.00

    Spoil yourself by splurging on the Stetson Chatham Felt Hat as an addition to your hat wardrobe. This intricately produced hat, made from rabbit fur, has a detailed finish, teardrop crown, and a 2 3/8 inch brim. Soft, smooth, and sleek, and...

  • Stetson Panama Centredent Fedora Stetson Panama Centredent Fedora

    Stetson Panama Centredent Fedora


    The quinessential wide brim Panama Fedora! Keep the Sun off while staying cool.  The Centerdent is constructed of firm finish, grade 8 panama straw and features a pinchfront crown, cowhide interior sweatband and a classic black...

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    Stetson Saxon Felt Hat

    Stetson Saxon Felt Hat

    $185.00 $215.00

    The Stetson Saxon is a classic men's dress fedora similar to what Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry wore on the sidelines during the 1970's. Made from high quality rabbit fur, it features a sleak 2 inch brim and a 4 1/2 inch crown. Made in...

  • Stetson Stratoliner Felt Hat

    Stetson Stratoliner Felt Hat

    $185.00 $215.00

    The Stratoliner Fedora is constructed of firm finish, fur felt and features a center dent crown, bound edge brim, interior Roan sweatband and grosgrain hat band accented with special edition stratoliner airplane pin. Fur Felt. Made in USA. Brim: 2...

  • Stetson Temple Felt Hat

    Stetson Temple Felt Hat

    $195.00 $220.00

    The Temple Fedora, deriving its name from the famous Indiana Jones movie "Temple of Doom,"  is constructed of quality fur felt and features a center pinchfront crown, interior roan leather sweatband, satin lining with Stetson mark and grosgrain...