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  • Dobbs Hat Box Dobbs Hat Box

    Dobbs Hat Box


    Dobbs Hat BoxThe best wait to store your favorite Hat is in a hat box! • Fits up to two Hats • Helps keep bugs and dust off your Hat • For 2 3/4 inch brims and smaller • No Handle

  • Dobbs Dayton Felt Hat

    Dobbs Dayton Felt Hat


    The Dayton by Dobbs embodies the classic center dent fedora. Its smaller, trim scale provides a sleek look and low profile without sacrificing distinction. Constructed of a superior rabbit fur felt, this hat will hold its shape and is...

  • Dobbs Gable Safari Hat

    Dobbs Gable Safari Hat


    The Gable Safari Hat is Dobbs signature outdoor hat. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester materials, this hat is cool in summer and warm in winter. Its water-repellent materials that will let the rain showers roll off you while you stay dry and...

  • Dobbs Hashtag Small Brim Fedora

    Dobbs Hashtag Small Brim Fedora

    $85.00 $100.00

    The Dobbs Hashtag is a wool fedora that sports a 2-inch brim and a teardrop crown. Its stylish and unique piping around the brim is a hit! Featuring a leather interior band and satin lining, its wool felt is firm and blocked...

  • Dobbs Jet 707 Felt Hat

    Dobbs Jet 707 Felt Hat


    Let’s talk about the elegance and style that defines this exquisite-looking, must-have fashion accessory. The Dobbs Jet 707 Felt Hat is made of high-quality fur which makes it exceptionally comfortable and classy. The bowtie band, feather, and Dobbs...