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  • Capas Leather Big Apple Cap Capas Leather Big Apple Cap

    Capas Leather Big Apple Cap


    The Capas Leather Big Apple Cap is your go-to cap to make a statement. An old New York streetwear style,its oversized look and shiny leather finish gives you a striking and memorable appearance. If you're looking for a smaller shape, shop our...

  • Capas Lite Felt Blues Brothers

    Capas Lite Felt Blues Brothers

    $90.00 $120.00

    Feel good with the Capas Lite Felt Blues Brothers. With a centerdent crown and a 2-inch brim, this is a simple but fashionably aprapos hat that is aimed at giving you a smart and chic appearance. If it worked for Jake and Elwood, it'll work for you...

  • Capas Optimo Panama Straw Hat Capas Optimo Panama Straw Hat

    Capas Optimo Panama Straw Hat


    One of the classic Panama Hat styles is the "Optimo," which refers to the rolling crease down the center of the Hat. Along with a sporty Club Stripe hat band, the Optimo features a 2 1/2 inch brim and a comfort cotton interior sweatband...

  • Capas Panama Bogart

    Capas Panama Bogart


    The Bogart is a classic, wide brim Panama. The Teardrop crown sits low, perfect for someone who doesn't like a taller look. Has a 2 1/2 inch brim and features comfortable cotton band on the inside.

  • Capas Stingy Pork Pie Hat

    Capas Stingy Pork Pie Hat

    $65.00 $75.00

    Fuel your love and passion of tiny brims with the Capas Stingy Pork Pie Hat. With its one-and-a-half-inch brim, it is appealing and charming in its simplicity. The Stingy Pork Pie is made entirely of wool and will fit perfectly with any outfit! Made...

  • Capas Tweed 8/4 Newsboy Cap Capas Tweed 8/4 Newsboy Cap

    Capas Tweed 8/4 Newsboy Cap


    This iconic cap is a classic tweed, and it sports a button snap on the brim as well as a lining. Experience a taste of classic fun when you join Thomas Shelby and the Peaky Blinders in wearing the famous Capas Tweed 8/4 Newsboy Cap. Made in USA.

  • Capas Wool Derby

    Capas Wool Derby

    $105.00 $125.00

    Bowler style hats have been around for forever. Be a unique and show-stopping part of the Beau monde with the Capas Wool Derby Hat. This wool hat comes in several colors and includes a nice feather on the left side. Its inner lining and interior...

  • Capas Wool Gambler Hat

    Capas Wool Gambler Hat

    $90.00 $110.00

    This Wool Gambler (or "Planters") Hat is a southern staple designed for warmth and protection with its wide brim to sheild you from the elements. Gentlemen who confidently sport the Gambler receive plenty of admiriring looks and...

  • Dobbs Dayton Felt Hat

    Dobbs Dayton Felt Hat

    $185.00 $215.00

    The Dayton by Dobbs embodies the classic center dent fedora. Its smaller, trim scale provides a sleek look and low profile without sacrificing distinction. Constructed of a superior rabbit fur felt, this hat will hold its shape and is...

  • Dobbs Gable Safari Hat

    Dobbs Gable Safari Hat


    The Gable Safari Hat is Dobbs signature outdoor hat. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester materials, this hat is cool in summer and warm in winter. Its water-repellent materials that will let the rain showers roll off you while you stay dry and...

  • Dobbs Hashtag Small Brim Fedora

    Dobbs Hashtag Small Brim Fedora

    $85.00 $100.00

    The Dobbs Hashtag is a wool fedora that sports a 2-inch brim and a teardrop crown. Its stylish and unique piping around the brim is a hit! Featuring a leather interior band and satin lining, its wool felt is firm and blocked...

  • Dobbs Jet 707 Felt Hat

    Dobbs Jet 707 Felt Hat

    $185.00 $215.00

    Let’s talk about the elegance and style that defines this exquisite-looking, must-have fashion accessory. The Dobbs Jet 707 Felt Hat is made of high-quality fur which makes it exceptionally comfortable and classy. The bowtie band, feather, and Dobbs...